1. Looking at the rainbow

Rainbow is one of the most miraculous and captivating incidents in nature. So, we believe that it is not even possible not to be affected by looking at the rainbow that appears in the sky with the sun after rain. When we see this meteorological incident, it fills us with peace and happiness without any reason. Also, it makes our moments more beautiful. Didn’t we all try to count the seven colours in the rainbow and take a photo to make this view memorable? We would like to remind those who do not like rainy days that rainbow appears only after raining and invite them to look at life colourfully.

2. Playing on the swings

Swinging makes all of us happy regardless of what age we are. It makes us happy because it is maybe the simplest thing that makes the idea of flying relatively possible for us in our life. Maybe, that is why the wind that strikes our face while swinging gives us the sense of freedom in our spirit. As we grow up, we start forgetting the things that made us happy in our childhood or see them as a childish act. However, it is sometimes good to remind ourselves of the moments that made us very happy. Do not hold yourself back while you are passing near a park and start playing on the swing. You will realize that you are full of peace without any reason.

3. Listening to the sound of waves

Walking on the beach in bare feet and listening to the sound of waves from the sea in the summertime makes all of us happy but we should remember that every season has its own beautiful characteristics. Do not wait for the summer to dream while listening to the sound of waves on the seaside. Look at the seasons from a different perspective and do not forget that fall or winter is also beautiful.

4. Going back to the past with an old memory coming out from items

There is a room, corner or box in every house that we put our unused items. We generally put and keep our forgotten or unnecessary items in an invisible place at home but we forget that our most beautiful memories stay hidden there. Check your old, unused items instead of getting bored at home at the weekend and thinking about what to do. We are sure that you will find something that will take you back to the past and make you happy. An old photo, a note written to you by one of your friends, your favourite toy in your childhood, the diary written by your primary school friends, your first step shoes…

5. Decorating your room with your hand skills

Believe it or not, everyone can do something on his own. What about trying it instead of saying I cannot do that or I do not have any skills? Painting your old flower pots, wall or coffee table, making a frame or tableau out of unused fabrics, using your creativeness for your wall decoration with printed photos, making modern and new candles out of old and melted candles, painting jars and using them as pencil holder or making a mushroom board with wine corks and many other things… We are sure that you have a skill that you have not discovered yet. Finding it and renovating your house will bring big happiness to you.

6. Taking a photo

Look at life from a different perspective and press the shutter! What about capturing little moments with your camera to reveal the beauty of daily life? There are lots of things that people like taking photos. Neighbourhoods with old and narrow streets, children or landscape photos are the most favourite and popular ones. But try to capture different moments during the day. Walk in the streets for one day for only taking photos. You will see that you will capture moments that will make you happy while you look from a different perspective.

7. Capturing the moments you feel in touch with nature

Nature is the exact place where we enjoy happiness at peak. Nature appeals to our senses and gives us pleasure in almost everything as our living space. Although we live in the city away from nature, we can turn back to nature with some moments. We know that you like the smell of newly-cut lawn or smell of soil that spreads around after raining. We would like to remind you that capturing these kinds of moments that appear to be little and insignificant will make you happier.